Here is the 4th Find Your Way secret page.
It's still my secret blog.

This time, I ended up deciding to do 2 EPs at once,
one for M3-33 Spring (BBB EP),
and one for Reitaisai 11 (STILL EP).
I wonder if I'll be able to do that again.
It's not a question of whether I want to do it,
but "will I be able to do it?"
I'm already at my limit...

The songs for this EP were written before January.
I know this because I've been doing Weekly Beats,
which is a sort of "self-competition" (at least for me)
to write a new song every week.
So far, it's been pretty demanding of my time
but I've already made several handfuls of Touhou arrangements.

Girl Scouts is one of my favorite bands right now
which is not saying too much because they only have about 7 songs.
But their song Buh Buh Bubbaram is very good!
I lifted the song structure (and probably the key)
and arranged a Touhou song around it.
But I was unable to keep Girl Scouts-styled math rock parts.
The lyrics are about overcoming your own doubt, or something.

But I have been experimenting with time signatures.
In the second track, there is a shift into 3/4,
but I throw in some extra measures,
and then the bridge is actually in 3/4, but the beat is still 4/4.
Is that mathy enough? Rather, it's not noodly enough, I think.
It's a start.
I don't know what the lyrics are about (made up on the spot),
but the inspiration for this song was Departures.

Find Your Way is finally starting to get good and emo!
Recently, I listened to the previous 3 EPs,
and the songs weren't too bad.
But the guitar tones on the first 2 EPs were quite bad.
Well, at this point, you can't listen to them anymore,
so it's not like telling you this will give you a picture in your mind.

Since it's Youkai Domination, it's Yukari, right?
I looked through her list of spellcards and saw several butterfly-themed spells.
From there, the idea to do a butterfly with her enchanting eye-portal came to me.
The sketch and the final art look pretty much the same
because I just redrew the eyes when it came time for the final draft.

Bonus audio this time is a sanctioned cover of Wani's (Sally) Melody.

Thanks again to everyone in the past and present who is supporting this.

Once again, I'm writing this post before the release,
but I'm still not done!
And then I have another 2 weeks of work,
preparing for Reitaisai 11!
Please let me die!


Postscript: Here is some more music I have been listening to recently.
my new friend denshuto
You Blew It!
Two Knights

Hopefully I can become a little more like these bands.