Here is the 5th Find Your Way secret page.
Once again my secret blog.
Though props to Amen for trying to find the last one.
I don't think they've been discovered yet.

Copied from 2 weeks ago: "This time, I ended up deciding to do 2 EPs at once,
one for M3-33 Spring (BBB EP),
and one for Reitaisai 11 (STILL EP).
I wonder if I'll be able to do that again.
It's not a question of whether I want to do it,
but "will I be able to do it?"
I'm already at my limit..."

The songs for this EP were written during/around February.
Demos for Niagara and wasted words are on Weekly Beats!

Niagara is basically a rip of You Blew It!'s Match & Tinder.
I did an acoustic version for weekly beats, but the whole song was arranged at that time.
I've changed a few lyrics in the prechorus from them, ripping them from 死際サテライト's 失墜アンドロメダ.
Well, I love Shinigiwa, after all...
I think this song is alright.
Recently, my youngest sister became a pilot!
Now, she can fly! Congratulations!
I've been on big commercial jets, but...
Well, I would say "flying is scary" but...
I think everything is kind of scary...

wasted words is based on Fall Out Boy's Chicago Is So Two Years Ago.
... I think my vocal performance on the weekly beat version is a little better...
It can't be helped.
Usually I record each instrument's part (even if it's a repeat) to give the recording a human feel
but for a lot of the lead guitar parts in this song, I just copy-pasted.
Well, I didn't re-record any instruments after the weekly beats recording,
just new vocal takes.
This song... I tried my best, but it doesn't seem to POP enough...
I didn't use compression on the mastering for this track, because when I tried it didn't sound right.
So that may be why... well, I already knew I needed more practice.
Lyrically, it's about a friend who will always support you!
Don't blow them off! They are trying to help you,
even if you think what they're saying is stupid.
Well, not everyone has a friend like that...

99& "in" is 100% "out", the title is based on a tennis guideline.
Believe it or not, I used to play tennis.
Believe it or not, I used to leave my house and do things.
Anyway, the rule is "99% out is 100% in" when concerning whether a ball is out of play.
If it touched even the edge of the line, it's in!
Well, I took that idea and reversed it for the title.
The lyrics are based on my feelings concerning
large crowds, parties, social gatherings... any time there are many people.
I don't want to be the center of attention unless it's on my own terms.
It's probably a miracle I can play live shows...
Well... I just pretend the crowd doesn't exist.
This song is equal parts noodly and screamo.
I tried to make the vocals kind of "shoegazey..."
They're in the back and swimming in reverb.
Hopefully the breakdown is also appropriately "wall of sound."
4 guitar parts + bass + drums + screaming during that section.

This time is a little more punk-ish but hopefully my lyrics are becoming stronger.
If I become more intimate when writing, my lyrics should get better.
Try not to fall in love with me!

Because I was working on 2 EPs at once, I didn't really have album art ready this time.
So I asked kat if she would help me out, just like last year's Reitaisai.
Well, at this point, she might be finished a little late...
All I told her was to draw a cute Nitori, because I think Nitori is charming!
So there's no sketches or design work or anything, unfortunately.

I really wanted to do an acoustic cover of 燦爛サクリファイス but I had no time...
But I do have a take of me screwing up a take for 99% "in" is 100% "out"...

Thanks again to everyone who is listening.
It seems recently I've been able to come into contact with more Japanese doujin artists,
which is totally cool!
Maybe we'll all be able to meet someday.

I'm writing this post a few days before the deadline again,
but actually, I'm pretty much finished.
But at this time, both the omake and album art are not done!
The final sprint, everyone!
hags! kat! Hang in there!

And wow. It's already been just under a year since I started Find Your Way.
Time sure does fly...
I think "emo" is a young person's game...
I wonder how long I can keep doing this...?
I would like to put a band together and play these songs live
while I'm still comfortably young.


Postscript: Here is even more music I've been listening lately.
Mostly it is bands I forgot to put on the list from 2 weeks ago...
Echo Base
Brave Bird
Buttons and Mindy
Van Gogh Sky

Hopefully I can become a little more like these bands.

[2 years later I found out I never put anything here. just a broken link to BBB's postscript omake]