Congratulations on making it here!
These are the secret liner notes for the SEVEN UP EP, Find Your Way release #2.
Hopefully it wasn't too hard to get here.

As I type this days before release (instead of a few hours after...) I feel a little sense of accomplishment.
The EP was finished before the deadline, and wasn't as stressed.
Indeed, I was able to spend more than a week working on it. Hopefully that shows.
In the end, it only costs a dollar, but originally I was thinking about charging two. 50% off! What a bargain!
All 3 songs this time were rearranged basically the week after RT10. Seems I was really fired up!
And 2 of them orginate from Double Dealing Character, so that's probably what did the firing.
The songs are better this time, but still not really where I'd like them to be... next time!

"Over the lake" ended up being about Touhou again.
I'm still trying not to do that, but I'm having trouble with lyrics.
On the other hand, this arrange is... not to pat myself on the back, but I think it's pretty cool.
I heard "Mist Lake" and it seemed perfectly fit for chunky riffs. The tuning is Drop C#.
I guess this is more like an older Shinigiwa Satellite song, like Kansen Fragile or Senritsu Orleans.
You could say I took inspiration from those, as well.
Doesn't the melody line sound a little like Bad Apple? Maybe that's just me.

"No head on the shoulders" is my favorite song here, but it wasn't always that way.
The song was arranged pretty early on, but the source doesn't have a lot of... "singable" melodies.
So I left the verse vocal melodies blank... I wasn't sure what to do.
Eventually, it was July and I had to record vocals...
Which meant writing lyrics for a vocal part that didn't exist. So I free-formed it...
I guess it's about changing, or not changing, and being a failure in life.
If you want to change, you've got to work for it.

What even is the 3rd song? I thought it was good, but then I tried to sing it...
I'll have to take better care in writing melodies that are within my (or any future singer's) vocal range.
I jump between singing styles like it wasn't nothing and it feels kind of weird.
There's a lot of falsetto here...
I tried to write these lyrics with an idea in mind, but I don't think my vocal delivery did them justice.
But depression is a real sickness, with no real cure. I don't think suicide is an answer.
Not really my choice to make, though.

I've already moved from the apartment I lived in between May and July... no pictures of that place.
Fun fact: I lived in that apartment 3 years ago, but in a different room.
The guy I'm spliting rent with now had my old room, haha.
In the new place, I've been sleeping on the floor for the past few weeks. Having no money and no job is hard.
Hopefully next time I write these liner notes I have a job... it'd be nice if people bought my music,
but that's a pipe dream.

This time, I was able to draw my own album art. The lines are thick and gross. Sorry about that.
I don't have a handle on this whole "drawing" thing. It took a while to get a drawing I thought was passable.
I definitely need to start talking to ~REAL ILLUSTRATORS~.
But once again, here are some sketches, if you're interested in that (click to enlarge).
Scan sevenupsketch

In addition, I have a couple bonus audio files. Yeah.
Cue "I never asked for this." You're welcome.

Finally, I'd like to put some special thanks here.
To the guest staff, hags, thanks again for your hard work.
To my friends who keep supporting me: kat, wheels, kafka, alv, 0P2C, Naoki-Reisen, and others I may be forgetting (my apologies).
To anyone who ever actually listened to the music, whether they hated it or not.
And to you, who found this page and managed to read to here (or skimmed it).

Thanks a lot.

With this, my work for Comic Market 84 is complete.
See you at C85,