Usually I hide these liner notes, but I figure it's no big deal this time.
It's the big album release, after all.
It's Veto, writing this after several weeks have already passed.

Visiting Japan was an amazing experience.
I will definitely go again at some point...
I wrote up my feelings in the blogpost,
but once again (and in English):

To all the circles I was able to meet: thank you.
To everyone who came to the Comiket space: thank you.
To everyone who came to the live event: thank you.
To siggy and denshuto, who followed me to Japan: thank you.
To Yamane Masakazu, who invited me to Japan: thank you so much.
It's hard to express, but thank you, everyone.

Because there are 11 songs, the song notes this time are separate.
Please check them here if you're interested.
And here are some off vocal versions of some of the album's songs.

There was no skit on the album, but instead,
Me and siggy recorded a quick EP the day before the trip.
Talk about stupid; I should've planned my Comiket route instead.
Anyway, the link is public, but unless you know where it is,
you can't download it, huh?
I asked hags to do it the same day and he was able to pull through.
We're all pretty dumb, haha.

By the way, I'll probably make that extra EP available here at the end of the year.

Once again, Ms. Nekolina has graced my "songs" with her illustrations.
For this piece, the focus is more on the background, with the character's back to us.
She pushed herself and the results look great.
Thank you.

Since I was going to Japan, naturally I needed to press CDs.
Having a high-quality product of my own creation in my own hands...
What an amazing feeling. (I still had to burn the discs myself, though...)
Anyway, having my own CD meant I could trade other circle's for theirs!
What a cool thing. I mean, I'm sure "real bands" do that all the time,
but this was my first time! So it's cool to me!!!

A lot of plans are already in motion, music-wise,
but I'm still broke and I jobless, so...
Well, I'm trying my best.
See you next time,


Postscript: more music for your ears
County Drop
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die