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Find Your Way is now 2 years old!
So old for an "emo" band.
Back at the end of 2013 I made a resolution:
to make Find Your Way more emotional.
As it stands, I think it's coming along pretty well.
I wrote all these songs during a strange time,
so the subject matter is reflective of that.
They're a little personal, but they're my feelings.
With that said, please enjoy these sad punk songs.

1) there's the Burger King, and then there's you, the burger peasant
It's a song about going to Burger King. (No, it's not.)
It's a song about not knowing what to do.
You're in the same place you were before, and you haven't changed.
Nothing has changed. How can you spark a change in yourself? ...
There was an intro track that would've flowed into this one,
but in the end I decided to cut it.
As much as I'm influenced by circles that use intro tracks
this album didn't need one.

2) fantasy life!
原曲:輝く針の小人族 ~ Little Princess
Oh, some Double Dealing Character.
The original has a "giant" feeling for such a small character.
This song features hags; I had him babble a bit.
Can you hear him? When he asked me what the song was about,
I said "rejecting other people's perceptions and expectations of you."
You aren't who other people think you are.
It's okay if you don't know who you are.
This song is directly inspired by Snowing:
specifically, two of their songs mashed together with Touhou flavor.
I was playing Fantasy Life around the time I arranged this song.
I still haven't beaten it. Great game, though.
Thanks to Cepheid, who came to my rescue and played the main riff.
I'm... I'm not actually good at playing guitar.

3) 2 hours +
原曲:桜花之恋塚 ~ Japanese Flower
Some people can talk about their feelings freely.
I'm a little envious when you can do it with honesty.
If you told me you loved me, I'd have trouble believing it.
... that's what kind of song this is.
Because it's so straightforward, it's a really simple song.
I like it a lot, though.

4) The Life and Times of Dino Spumoni
原曲:封じられた妖怪 ~ Lost Place
I listened to Free Throw and wanted to write a song like that.
I also wanted to write a song using Yamame's theme.
She's really cute! I'm sure she's lonely,
but she keeps herself isolated so she doesn't hurt anyone.
Maybe that's just my interpretation.
Dino Spumoni was that singer from Hey Arnold!, remember?
The lyrics are about messing up, but still having your friends.
You have friends, right? I wonder what that's like...

5) "Reunion Tour" April Fool's Day Joke
This song is about coming to grips with your own weakness.
... what do you mean, "this sounds like a true story?"
I can assure you, I have no idea what you're talking about.
I think I started writing this song with
bluebeard in mind,
but I had to put it aside for a long time.
I couldn't figure out where to go next.
When I returned, I guess I was thinking about Snowing.
The song title is a vague reference to them.
But even fans of the band might not recognize it until I explain it.
The trumpets were a last-minute addition before TRUESTAR EP.

6) resting sad face
An instrumental definitely ripped off from malegoat.
It sounds good with all-synths, too!
Jim Bradley recorded all the trumpets for the album;
he had a hard time with this song but it came out well, I think.
The title is a play on "resting bitch face."

7) feeling sick after eating an entire sleeve of oreos
This song was the first one I tried "shouting"
instead of imitating the Greats of Touhou-screamo.
Probably my favorite part is the bass slide right at the start; a happy accident.
The intro is based off of Mallard, but then I went in a different direction.
It's about realizing how you never noticed you hurt someone.
Or that you regret not noticing them at all.
It's a song stuck dwelling in the past.
For the record, I'm not encouraging you to eat an entire sleeve of oreos.

8) they got sand in the potato salad
原曲:遠野幻想物語、ティアオイエツォン(withered leaf)
In this song, I play around with time signatures.
The important thing to me when changing signatures
is that the song should still flow.
But what do I know?
It's a song about how much I hate when my shoes get wet.
(It's a song about how people shouldn't get upset about stupid things all the time.)
Was Rocket Power ever dubbed in Japanese?

9) Won't Smith
Will Smith -> Won't Smith
Who doesn't love Will Smith?
Conversely, this song is about
"Seeing the hatred for yourself reflected in someone else's eyes."
Your eyes are closed, so can you see the truth?
But it feels really good when my eyes are closed...
The main idea when writing this song was:
"Arrange it in a way so it doesn't sound like Shinigiwa Satellite."

10) stoop kid reference
原曲:彼岸帰航 ~ Riverside View
This song was the first FYW song I felt really good about.
"Goodnight, Goodbye" is okay, but this...
I always keep other circle's arrangements in mind,
trying not to sound too similar.
But I also like to reference other songs,
so I referenced Foreground Eclipse in the bridge.
This song is about wanting to find where you belong.
That's why it's a "stoop kid reference."

11) Blueberry Chill
My friends live at Blueberry Hill now.
So where is my home? What even *is* a home? ...
That's what this is about.
Home is just where it feels like home, I guess.
I think the album title came first,
and then I worked hard to write lyrics around it.
I think this song is really good,
but I don't really have too much to say about it, actually.
Hopefully you aren't too disappointed.